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Code of Conduct

To facilitate the work of the e-Business community, a common understanding of how specification development activities should be conducted is important. This Code of Conduct provides basic principles to guide all of us who participate in these activities. All users of Air Transport Association, Inc. (ATA) e-Business Program tools and services (including, but not limited to, email lists and messages, document archives, calendars of events, group rosters, audio and web conferences, and meetings) must comply with the following policies:

  • Materials and communications must pertain solely to ATA e-Business Program work activities
  • Materials and communications must adhere to the ATA Anti-Trust Policy
  • Materials and communications may not contain inappropriate, inflammatory, abusive, or disrespectful language or tone
  • Commercial or promotional information (Spam) may not be distributed
  • Users may not mine, extract, derive or copy email lists or other user contact information from the ATA e-Business web site for any purpose other than the work of the ATA e-Business Program
  • Users are responsible for assuring that any contributions that they make or propose using the collaborative tools do not violate the intellectual property rights of the firm for which they work or a third party
  • Users may not speak on behalf of, or represent themselves as speaking on behalf of, ATA or the ATA e-Business Program, without express written authorization from ATA
  • Users may not share their passwords, nor facilitate unauthorized access to the ATA e-Business web site
  • In addition, your participation and that of your company in the ATA e-Business Program is subject to the terms and conditions of the Membership Agreement

Users who violate these policies may be barred from participation in the ATA e-Business Program and restricted from its tools and services.