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Membership in the ATA e-Business Program is based on a flat annual fee per Member Company. Membership includes access by an unlimited number of company employees. However, each employee must complete the Company Representative Sign-Up form below. For more information, go to Membership Cost and Benefits.

How to Join

STEP 1: Determine if your company is already a registered member of the ATA e-Business Program by viewing the Member Company List.

If yes, simply sign-up as a Company Representative (at no additional cost) and skip Step 2. Access will be granted assuming you complete the on-line application form and your active e-mail address uses the member company's domain name.

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If no, go to Step 2.

STEP 2: Register your company for the ATA e-Business Program. As a part of the on-line application process, you will be asked to sign the ATA e-Business Program Membership Agreement and submit via e-mail attachment to admin@ataebiz.org. Payment options include check, credit card and wire transfer.

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